Statement Wooden Crate Shelf


Wooden crates

Wood glue

Hammer and nails

Furniture primer

Furniture paint



1. If you choose to paint the crates to match a color scheme, first prime and paint inside and outside of each crate, sealing it with polyurethane when dried. For a rustic look, do not paint the crates and simply cost them in polyurethane instead so as to give them a smoother finish.

2. Once dried, glue and stack crates in desired shape such as a pyramid, square or rectangle (stacking two crates atop one another is ideal for a nightside table).

3. Nail the crates together for added support. Paint over the nails’ heads if desired.

4. Support the finished crates against a wall of your choosing. This shelving unit is ideal when used as bookshelves, linen storage cubbies or for displaying picture frames and living room decor. It should not be used as an entertainment center.