In Review: Taxes and other things we should know, but don’t

Review Editorial Staff

Gathering real-world experience is comparable to manning trenches in a traditional college student’s life. The removal from high school and placement in college courses, possibly a new city and a new campus, and a new job can be daunting to students learning to get out on their own.

Learning how to take the first steps and utilize resources on your college campus is key to learning what you need to know before you have to make it on your own for the first year.

On Washburn’s campus, some of the greatest resources available for students are located at Mabee Library in the form of skillshops.

Each semester, skillshops are scheduled every week, free to students and with constant availability so students don’t need to sign up to attend classes.

These classes cover many critical areas of student life, home life, relationships and budgeting.

Some of the most recent classes cover saving and investing, how to take better notes and how to improve your writing. Some classes cover how to file taxes and other absolutely necessary information to living in the United States.

The Topeka-Shawnee Library offers free classes in many areas as well. The classes are free to attend, but do require online sign-up. Some classes include gardening, success in school, computer and program literacy, small business setup, writing assistance, crafts and help filing taxes.

The law school offers free income tax clinics with volunteers to help students and families gather paperwork and complete their taxes on-site.

It is also important to remember that clubs are also very active on campus, creating opportunities to listen to guest speakers and attend events on certain topics. Dig through the current Washburn student clubs page online to find groups that are right for you and that provide information or support.

Student organizations also offer group support, food and leisure events. Chi Alpha offers a pancake feed during the week of finals and the Leadership Institute hosts brunch on Family Day and Scholarship Interview Day.

Information is available in many venues, so checking what your school and the local area provides is important to becoming a successful student and adult.