Pique Your Pinterest: Dorm-friendly DIY projects


Pinterest projects don’t have to be a pipedream for those strapped for cash or time.

For a large number of our generation, Pinterest is something of a guilty pleasure. We love purusing the latest makeup tips, life hacks, innovative recipes and Instagram-worthy arts and crafts, but home decor is consistently the most intimidating. This is generally due to budget-related concerns and an overall lack of experience with construction in our young adult lives, but there are plenty of projects out there for DIY novices wanting to expand their creative horizons.

On-campus living means working with the provided furniture, and limited floorplans and methods of displaying wall decor. However, this doesn’t mean your living space has to be cookie cutter. Each of these projects falls within the guidelines for dorm life, meaning everything can be done by switching out standard dorm furniture and without leaving holes in the walls or ceiling.

Building or repurposing furniture will always be the most daunting. Whether you’re reupholstering a chair, giving a dresser a new coat of paint, building your own bookshelves out of found materials or converting old furniture into something new entirely, anyone can succeed at a home decor project with enough patience and dedication. Teaming up with a friend or your suitemates can make a more time-consuming and hands-on project much more doable.

If your furniture situation is taken care of and you’re more interested in dorm decor that’s as functional as it is stylish, making your own unique lamp, oranization board for jewelry or display for sunglasses that would otherwise clutter your dresser or desk are ideal. These projects are particularly worth checking out because they are easily displayed and will likely be used daily.

Whichever projects you choose to tackle, don’t be afraid to try an ambitious project and truly make your dorm your own.