Sports Speak: The power of defense

Dylan Tyler

It has been said that a good defense is a great offense, but just how far will that get a team in the post-season? Having an offensively calibered team is definitely going to get a team several wins during the regular season. However, what is going to happen if that offense comes against an equally great defense with an okay offense? Or another great offense? Chances are there will be more risk-taking involved, and without big plays, this hypothetical team would probably lose their game. Not only does a good defense stop another team from scoring, but depending on the sport can still attribute to the offense.

As an individual who watches a fair amount of sports I have noticed a pattern. When the moments come for a great offense to play a great defense come about, the scoring is usually offset and equaled out.

While an offense may have several try’s. Thus making defense a much more vital part of any game.

Look at historical events that happened in 2016 alone. The Blackhawks for hockey, Warriors for basketball, Broncos for football, and Royals for baseball are all prime examples of a good defense winning championships. All of these teams lead their leagues in defense in different ways. Getting a man on base was by no means a guarantee run against the Royals, and going downfield against the Broncos only increased a team’s chances for a turnover.

A person would be silly not to prefer their team to have an excellent defense over offense. It may be fun and exciting to watch a team offensively hammer down, but winning consistently is also very fun.

Overall, playing for fun or competitively, defense is something all athletes should be working on. That is, if as an athlete, you want to win championships.