Margaret Clem named Student Employee of the Year

Margaret Clem, senior graphic design major, posing with her award for Student Employee of the Year. Clem won the award for her hard work at the Ichabod shop.

Ryan Yowell

With a jazzy scene full of hor d’oeuvres and good conversation, Washburn recognized its student staff with the nominations for Student Employee of the Year award April 12.

Various departments at the university nominated 27 students for the award.

The nominated students sat in wait as each of their names were called, receiving a document stating their achievements for being chosen.

Jordan Boyles, student employee coordinator, headed the event, announcing the nominees and the winner.

“We recognize all the students who have been here for five years or worked over 900 hours,” Boyles said. “They receive an award and a pin and then departments can nominate student employees for Student Employee of the Year.”

This year’s winner is Margaret Clem, senior graphic design major and employee of the Ichabod Shop. Clem was nominated for her hard work and achieved almost celebrity-like status with the number of photos taken with her holding the Student Employee of the Year award plaque.

“I was pretty excited,” Clem said. “I’m still in shock. Tt hasn’t hit me yet.”

Students and faculty alike congratulated the nominees, recognizing their consecutive efforts to strive for the award.

Michael Musick, sophomore physical therapy assistant and exercise physiology major, was one of the students nominated for the award. Musick works at the Rec Center as a facility supervisor and group exercise instructor, hosting classes each week where he does his best to give students a tough workout.

“Washburn did a fantastic job putting the event together,” Musick said. “We have a lot of great student employees here at Washburn, so it was an honor to be nominated.”

Boyles hopes that in the future, more students can come and recognize the achievements of those nominated for the award. A bigger turnout means not only more applause, but the realization that the award is theirs for the taking.

“I would like to get more outside people helping with us and provide different coupons for students in order to make this event bigger,” Boyles said.

Participation is open to all employees who work on campus, from food workers to alumni.

“We just need to advertise it more and get it out there for students,” Boyles said.