Staying fit as an Ichabod

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Bryan Grabauskas

With the heat setting in and the sun coming out, summer is here and many are looking to get their swimsuit body ready.

To achieve this, one has to get in or stay in shape. Athletes also have to stay in playing shape over three months of down time.

Fortunately, Washburn provides facilities to aid in this goal. On campus, there is the Student Recreation Center and the weight room inside of the athletic building, Whiting. These facilities have several benefits for the students that use them.

“It is included in my tuition so it is free for me to go year round,” said Brenden Hansford, junior.

The fact that the cost to go to the rec is included in a student’s tuition relieves the burden of having to pay for a membership like one would at an outside gym.

Another draw of exercising on campus is the number of people at the facilities in relation to the room available. The student rec’s attending numbers range from a few four or five students in the morning to a larger number of 15 to 20 students later in the day.

“I never really have to wait for a machine,” said Nick Satterwhite, senior.

For athletes, a weight room is available solely for their use in Whiting, offering plenty of space and availability. With the limited number of athletes still on campus and the exclusivity of the Whiting training room, athletes can exercise however they want whenever they want.

With membership already paid for and the convenient availability of the machines, working out on campus seems to be an ideal way of staying in shape over these next few months of vacation.