Bods On The Block 10/8

How Do Your Coaches And Teammates Prepare You For Game Time?

Our coaches do a great job of game planning. A week before games we all watch at least two hours of film. We have meetings every day. At practice we run at least 30 plays against a scout team.” -Kyle Hinton, Sophomore, Football

“Usually before games, we all go into the locker room and we blare music. So, we get pumped up there and we dance, we have dance parties. After that we have to get serious for game time and so we go into a classroom and talk about the other team and what we have to do to win the game.” -Kati Sneegas, Freshman, Soccer

We watch film all week, the coaches set up a great gameplan and get us motivated to play.” -Blake Peterson, Sophomore, Football

Our coaches make sure we get up that day, eat breakfast and take a shower. He wants us to be physically woke up because we play in the mornings.” -Chase Coble, Senior, Golf

It really just comes to practice and preparing. They get us really prepared during practice for situations and stuff like that. They get us ready for games and all that other kind of stuff.” -Kameron Spencer, Freshman, Football