Bods on Block News Nov. 29

Whitney Clum

Deysi De La Rosa



“I cry. I just watch TV shows, laugh a little, and go back to crying. I have a little sister so I play with her. Seeing her carefree life, that’s nice.”

Katie Hays


Forensic Chemistry and Molecular Bio Double Major

“I drink a lot of coffee, not to keep me awake, but just because it’s warm. I like to go and work out to relieve stress. When you’re dying of running, you can’t think about much else.”

Ian Brannan


Forensic Investigations

“I usually go on runs or I go and I talk to my best friend and yell at them angrily even though I’m not angry, [just] to get crap off my chest.”

Keely Jermark


Cultural Anthropology

“Usually try to see a positive outlook. It goes away when whatever is stressing you out is done, like homework. I’m kind of an optimist. To be honest, I function better under stress.”