Washburn seniors to walk away by season end

Trevor Beurman

With the end of another football, cross country, volleyball, tennis, and soccer season, and the end of more seasons yet to come, Washburn athletics will see the loss of some very important seniors.

These seniors range from running backs, to golfers, to tennis players, and more. They have created leadership and progress of success like no other team member. They harbor experience and commit to the values that make them a true Ichabod.

These seniors have memories of the losses and wins. They share times of rebuilding and resilience. They have seen the highlight plays, and the embarrassing flops. The one thing that makes them stand out among the rest is the true element of great performance.

With a four year commitment, these players have truly taken the Washburn values and put them to work in four years of practice and performance. With a foundation that these seniors set, there really is no better way to make a successful program without them.

That is why these seniors deserve recognition. Players like Mickeel Stewart, Ivan Amarilla, Carley Swan, Blake Hunter, and Paige Miller all represent the core Washburn principles of sportsmanship and athletics.

These final seasons for these seniors will eventually meet their end, but the memories they shared as an Ichabod will never subside. Ichabod golfer Ivan Amarilla knows that what he learned as an Ichabod has been a remarkable experience.

“Meeting all these great people when I first came here they were all very welcoming, and I really enjoyed playing golf with these guys,” senior golfer Ivan Amarilla said.

Amarilla, a golfer for the Ichabods as a senior, had plenty of memories as a Ichabod, but one really stood out.

“One of my best memories was a tournament where we won beyond very harsh conditions,” said Amarilla, “it was a truly great moment.”

Other seniors like Blake Hunter, also have memorable moments on the court. Namely with the Washburn organization in whole.

“I just really felt the family atmosphere, really no matter what sport you are playing you know someone has your back,” Washburn tennis senior Blake Hunter said.

“One of my most memorable moments was the day we beat Wichita State last year, going in there we were not expected to win at all, but we ended up doing it,” Hunter said, “first time in fifty years.”

While most of the fall athletic seasons begin to decline, it is important to remember how every sport at Washburn excelled forward to where they are today. One of the main factors that contributes to the success of Washburn are the footprint these seniors leave for their teammates.

Yes, Washburn would not be the place it is without these seniors, and it is imperative that they get their respect and nod for their outstanding effort on the court, on the field, and on the course. Thank you seniors, you have truly shown fellow teammates and fans of all fanbases what a true Ichabod is, you have made Washburn the foundation of true athletic achievement.

Without you we would have none of these things that make Washburn athletics so great on and off the field. You are role models of the betterment of the Washburn community and will continue to hold an everlasting legacy at Washburn University with the great performances and triumphs you have had as a proud and prideful figure, standing out as a true Washburn Ichabod.