Bods on the Block 12/6/2017

Megan Gulley, Radiology, Freshman

Yash Chitrakar

Delaney Claeys, Radiology, Freshman: “I want the entire series of One Tree Hill as my present. It was taken off Netflix, which was a pretty big deal. It’s a good series and I want to make someone watch it.”

Stephanie Surber, Legal Studies, Freshman: “I want clothes, especially festive clothes. A sweater with a festive animal sewn on it or an ugly sweater will be nice because it speaks to the spirit of holidays. I may also get my dog a matching sweater”

Dalas Roberts, Environmental Biology, Freshman: “I have asked my mom for a hamster, a black one. They are just so cute and cuddly and they make for great low-maintenance pets.”

Megan Gulley, Accounting, Freshman: “All I want and need is a graphing calculator. They are expensive and I really need it for my Accounting major. I have my eyes on a blue one at the moment.”