Tips for Washburn’s wacky weather problems

Shi'erra Lolar

1. Don’t Park On Macvicar Street.

Trust me when I say this. Although, parking here is more guaranteed than parking in other areas such as the lot by Mabee, or the lot anywhere else, it feels like you are walking/parking on a whole sheet of ice, and that’s scary. Which means, if it is 8:55 and you have a 9:00 class you’ll be late because you have to walk so slow. So word of advice, this wouldn’t be the ideal place to park after a few inches of snow.

2. Park as close as you can to your first class.

Being a college student means that most of the time we have to make sacrifices. This includes going to classes in the cold, rain, & even worse. Why make it harder on yourself by parking far away? For example, if your first class is in Mabee Library it’d make sense to park in the lot by Mabee. It’ll be a short walk and also will save you time.

3. ALWAYS give yourself time to arrive on campus.

This is important especially if you’re an off campus student. Having a class at 10 means that you should get to campus around 9:15 or 9:20 a.m. This gives you time to park, time to walk to your class, & time to even pick up a cup of Coffee from the Cafe. It is always nice to not have to rush to class.

4. Bundle up!!!

This is the most obvious of all the tips. Wearing a coat, a hat and gloves will keep you warm while walking to each of your classes. If there aren’t any gloves there’s always the option of having hand warmers. These can be bought at most retail stores and gas stations. There are also foot warmers if you’re extremely cold.

5. Putting a sheet over your windshield.

As crazy as this may sound, this is a hack that will help you move faster in the morning. Most of the time, this is useful if there is a crazy blizzard or snowstorm that is expected to happen. This tip is mostly for off campus students, but anyone can use it. First, you grab an old sheet, you put the sheet on your windshield, hold the sheet up by your windshield wipers, put the sides of the sheet into the door and go about your day. Then, the next day the ice will come off with the sheet leaving your windshield squeaky clean.