WSGA meets, discusses board or regents concerns

Zachery Schuman

WSGA met Jan. 24 to vote on bills that would fund student organizations and deliberate about how to better voice student concerns to help better Washburn University.

Two student organizations, the Washburn College Republicans and the Washburn Flute Association, requested funding for upcoming events with their organizations. One bill was approved for the allocation of $80 to the Washburn College Republicans. The money allotted will fund pizza and drinks for an upcoming meeting of the group.

The Washburn College Republicans also requested an amount of $1026 to help raise funds for a trip to the Kansas Republican Convention. The representative speaking on behalf of the organization said that the convention will have candidates running for local elections, training for the College Republicans and interns for campaigns.

A representative from the Washburn Flute Association spoke on behalf of the organization asking to raise its funding up to $710 to help make April Fluteā€™s Day, an annual event that brings in elementary, middle school and high school flute players, so that the cost of admission to the event is fully covered for all attendees. This request for an increase, and both College Republicans funding requests, were passed by the Washburn Student Government.

A bill which requested a permanent spot on the agenda of the Washburn Board of Regents meetings made its way to the floor of the WSGA full senate. After much discussion and deliberation, the bill was tabled due to wording difficulties presented within it. A senator said he felt the wording went against the goal of the proposed bill and thought that it came across as accusatory. This senator went on to suggest tabling the bill for a writing revision.

The Washburn Student Government Association wants to promote open communication lines with the Washburn Board of Regents and worked within the meeting to iron out what that would look like in the future, during discussion of the tabled bill.

President Jerry Farley is set to appear for an open forum with the Washburn Senate within the next few weeks to address any questions Senators have about any upcoming events, plans and actions involving Washburn and its students.