Best new tech from the 2018 CES conference

Dazzling: LG’s wall of Micro LED TV’s was one of the biggest displays of CES 2018. It was just a small taste of what CES had to offer, but captures the often extravagant presentations that CES is known for.

Zachery Schuman

“The best way to predict your future is to create it,” Abraham Lincoln once said. CES shows how companies are doing just that.

The CES conference, formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show, comes together each January to display what tech industries are working toward, whether that be modifications to older designs or new or world-altering innovations.

The CES presents the future of technology, no matter how farfetched some of these ideas are. It’s always a pleasure to see where the future is headed. The 2018 CES didn’t disappoint, with plenty of highlights ranging from a UV sensor to a new Virtual Reality exercise routine that doubles as a video game.

L’Oréal UV sensor is a small device that fits firmly onto a fingernail. It has several sensors including a temperature sensor, UV sensor and even a NFC antenna that allows it to communicate to other devices. The UV sensor stores months worth of information, which transfers over to the companion app that keeps tabs with your exposure rate to sunlight and even gives tips on how to manage contact with sunlight. This sensor gives a glimpse into the future of other equipment, like heart monitors, allowing for less cumbersome designs.

Samsung’s “The Wall” Micro LED TV presents a new way to view television, allowing for one TV to take on many different sizes. The TV will allow the owner to manipulate the shape and size to their whims, due to the Micro-LED panels which can be removed at will.

The TV will boast the features of better dark tones, a large amount of contrast and 4K technology. The Wall may remind one of a classic Pink Floyd album, but now it’s the TV of the future.

Black Box VR ventures into the world of fitness with the goal of making it an enjoyable and entertaining experience. This new device combines the fun of VR and the exhaustive work any good exercise should offer. Instead of having to trot to the gym, the owner will enjoy a fun game of their choosing, which would require some form of exercise. Black Box VR will finally make going to the gym an enjoyable experience for all who partake.

The Byton concept car wants to change the way the public views the idea of a car. This car, set to release in 2020, has impressive features never before seen on any modern-day vehicle. It is set to have a monitor as its windshield, facial recognition software between the front and rear windows that would unlock the car, and cameras as side mirrors.

The camera for the rearview mirror combines with the other cameras to create a full picture presented on the monitor. This electric car will wield a screen that covers the length of the dashboard and have the ability to build a Byton profile of preferences that can move from Byton car to Byton car utilizing its facial recognition software. All of these features excite anyone who wants a high-tech electric car and presents a design for what the future holds for the automotive industry.