The Washburn University College Democrats

One undeniable part of the college experience, along with academics, is student organizations. A student organization enriches any college student by helping create a strong sense of belonging with the student body, and make any student’s stay with any university a positive, memorable one. That is exactly what the Washburn College Democrats aim to do.

The Washburn College Democrats teamed with the Washburn College Republicans as well as a few other groups to put into action with the Mayoral City Council Forum which took place Nov 3. This dedication from all parties prioritized solidarity and community above party lines.

The Washburn College Democrats are currently gearing up for an election in February, to decide the future of the organization. This student organization works tirelessly to represent the values of Washburn University as well as working vigorously to help students feel welcome on campus.

One may ask, and very fittingly, who exactly are the Washburn College Democrats? They are a student organization that wanted to promote ideals that aligned with the Democratic Party, whether that be the current party, or transforming it.

The Washburn College Democrats wanted to give a voice to the Democratic concerns that we long lacking on campus. The goal was to craft a stronger Democratic prescience on campus. This prescience, given much of last year’s politics, needed a base to work with on campus.

The Washburn College Democrats want to create an inclusive space where people can discuss current social and economic issues.

Current President Jackson Woods had this to say about their mission and function “What we really are are a group of Democrats on campus who feel strongly enough about it that we want to organize around the Democratic party on campus,” said Jackson Woods, current president. “Whether that is to change the Democratic party or strengthen it as it is now. So what we really do is hold events, raise awareness of social and economic issues on campus. As well as to promote inclusivity on campus. ”

The Washburn College Democrats describe their mission and values thusly, “more specifically in the opening of our constitution, we have read in order to promote a better America, social equality, community sevice involvement, within a justly concentrated society, we dedicate ourselves in organizing the democratic students at Washburn University.”

The goal amounts to wanting to create a better America. The College Democrats strive to represent democratic values within the student body, give them a voice, and put on as many events to keep them informed. Student organizations such as this continues to enrich Washburn’s students while providing them with a positive experience they can remember for years to come.

They are always looking for new members. Any interested party can email Jackson Woods at [email protected].

The Washburn College Democrats meet every Thursday at 5:30 in the Living Learning Center. Anyone is welcome to join, dues are only $2 per semester.