Make the most effective use of your spring break

As spring break looms over the next few days, many students are wondering what is the best way to spend their week off. Some might be taking trips out of the state, or even out of the country, but others of us might be stuck in Topeka the whole week, living our lives like any other week.

Here’s a few simple things to do to make sure that you are utilizing your break in the best way possible.

First off, take as much of a break as possible. Some of you might be working, because you don’t have the ability to take off. Maybe you need the extra money or maybe the stress of midterms got so intense you forgot to ask off and it’s too late. Whatever the reason, be sure to at least find the time to take a break, even a little one. Have an extra hour between shifts? Listen to a new album. Have an unexpected day off? Sleep in a little later than usual. Use the time you have for yourself, not for anyone else.

Second, and this goes along with the first, rest. Don’t just stay up every night because you don’t have class the next morning. Maybe go to bed at the normal time and sleep a little later the next morning. Take the opportunity to maybe lie down and take a nap. If the weather is nice, perhaps you can find a nice quiet place to sit down and read a book. Rest your body, your mind and your soul.

Third, catch up on anything you need to finish. Have a paper due in your composition class in a few weeks? Maybe knock out some research and preliminary writing. Behind on an assignment in French class? Spread out the work and do a couple of questions each day. Maybe you have a project you wanted to do at home before the semester ended. Need to rearrange your bedroom? Need to clean your bedroom? Spend a little time to get some tasks done. Remember to do the work you need to get done, but not to overwork yourself either. This is supposed to be a break after all.

Fourth, take a trip. Many of you might be going to some exotic place like Mexico, Puerto Rico or even Omaha, and that’s great. But what if you’re stuck in Topeka, with no plans to go anywhere? There are plenty of places within a few hours drive to explore. Maybe take a spontaneous trip to Kansas City, Wichita, Lawrence or even, dare I say, a different part of Topeka? Find time to get out of the house for a little fun with a trip to a local brewery or a stroll through a park. While you’re at it, find something new to try. Maybe learn a new sport like disc golf, or a new hobby like geocaching. Do something to get you on your feet and moving. There’s nothing worse than having a whole week free and feeling like you wasted it in your home watching Netflix for seven days straight.

Finally, spend some time with friends. Most of these previous activities would be much better if done with people around you that you care about, and who care about you. Even doing homework can be better if you have a friend close by to talk to. Use your resources and find something to do together.

Whatever you do over spring break, make sure you do something that you enjoy. Catch up on homework or housework if you need to. Get some rest and recharge for the final push of the semester. But remember, don’t just sit around the house alone. Get on your feet and have some fun with your friends and find ways to really enjoy your break.