The Mental Music Scene: A live concert event

Samuel Cox

Who: 13 bands are expected to perform: Run With It, Brail Watson, and Left Without Eve, among others. The Topeka High School Drum Line is also expected to make an appearance.

What: An outdoor concert with speakers from the community and food trucks.

Where: Reynolds Lodge, 3315 SE Tinman Cir., Topeka, KS 66605 (near Lake Shawnee).

When: Saturday, April 7th. Gates open at noon and the concert will last until around 10 p.m. Local food trucks will be there providing lunch and dinner.

Why: Throughout the day, there will be speakers from different resources around the community to continue the conversation about mental health. To Write Love On Her Arms and Hope Through Headphones will also have tables set up to talk about how you can help yourself and your community. There will be information about mental health issues and other resources available inside the lodge.

Lexi Rodriguez, marketing and advertising student at Washburn and manager of Hope Through Headphones, spoke about the upcoming event, saying, “Everyone is so willing, for such an important cause. Many of the artists said that their music, creating and listening, is what has fully helped them.”

“Stick it to the Stigma!”- Tickets are $10 online and $12 at the door!

Also, check out the playlist of some featured artists here!