WU track and field show out at KT Classic

Last week, the Washburn track teams headed to Wichita State to compete in the KT Woodman Classic.

The bulk of the week was carried by Logan Stock, Trevin Wiens and Jacob Newlin, before the rest of the runners competed in Thursday and Friday’s events.

The men managed to earn top rankings in 10 events. Logan Stock placed in the top 10 in long jump, pole vault, discus throw, 1500m run and the decathlon, with his highest rank coming for the pole vault, where he earned third place. Trevin Wiens joined him in the top ten in the long jump.

Jacob Newlin placed highest in the 1500m run, earning fifth place.

Later in the week, Chryspus Muema and Ricardo Banuelos impressed with 12th and seventh place rankings in the 1500m Run and 500m Run. Kyle Hinton and Colton Dunkle earned third and fourth in the Shot Put.

Austin Telecky and Caleb Bradley performed well in the pole vault, placing in seventh and eighth.

On the women’s side, the Ichabods performed quite well. Sierra Mortensen earned seventh place in the 1500m run. Shelby Edwards placed tenth in the javelin throw.

Jordan Hoffman earned fifth place in both the shot put and discus throw, while Melody Baker and Kylie James both earned sixth place in the discus throw. James also placed seventh in the shot put.

Grace Ivey placed ninth in the high jump, and Rachael Mayberry wrapped up the week with a fourth place ranking in the pole vault.  

Men’s Long Jump: Logan Stock, ninth; Jacob Newlin, 15th; Trevin Wiens, 17th

Men’s Shot Put: Logan Stock, 11th; Trevin Wiens, 13th; Jacob Newlin, 14th

Men’s Long Jump: Logan Stock, 10th; Trevin Wiens, 10th; Jacob Newlin, not ranked

Men’s Discus Throw: Logan Stock, ninth; Jacob Newlin, 15th; Trevin Wiens, 16th

Men’s Pole Vault: Logan Stock, third; Jacob Newlin, 11th; Trevin Wiens, 13th

Men’s Javelin Throw: Logan Stock, 11th; Trevin Wiens, 12th; Jacob Newlin, not ranked

Men’s 1500m Run Tue/Wed: Jacob Newlin, fifth; Logan Stock, ninth; Trevin Wiens, 14th

Men’s Decathlon: Logan Stock, fifth; Trevin Wiens, 13th; Jacob Newlin, 15th

Men’s 1500m Run Friday: Chryspus Muema, 12th

Men’s 800m Run: Derek Meeks, 31st

Men’s 500m Run: Ricardo Banuelos, seventh; Ben Carson, 30th

Men’s Javelin Throw Friday: Clayton Herdman, 15th

Men’s Shot Put: Kyle Hinton, third; Colton Dunkle, fourth; Dallas Thompson, 13th; Marcos Garcia, 14th; Sam Stranahan, 15th; Jesse Renfro, not ranked

Men’s Discus Throw Friday: Colton Dunkle, fifth; Dallas Thompson, 14th; Sam Stranahan, 15th; Jesse Renfro, 18th; Kyle Hinton, not ranked

Men’s Pole Vault Friday: Austin Telecky, seventh; Caleb Bradley, eighth; Kris Wood, not ranked; Jack Noble, not ranked

Women’s 1500m Run: Sierra Mortensen, seventh; Kaylee Snell, 33rd

Women’s Javelin Throw: Shelby Edwards, 10th; Dayle Davis, 22nd

Women’s Shot Put: Jordan Hoffman, fifth; Kylie James, seventh; Melody Baker, 20th

Women’s Discus Throw: Jordan Hoffman, fifth; Melody Baker, sixth; Kylie James, sixth

Women’s High Jump: Grace Ivey, ninth

Women’s Pole Vault: Rachael Mayberry, fourth