Residential living on campus makes the college life more convenient

Minxi Yao

Safety, convenience and the ease of transition to independence are just a few reasons that living on campus is a good option for college students.

Washburn Residential Living gives students the opportunity to adjust to living away from home with the close proximity of campus. The cost of living is lumped in with tuition, so students who take out student loans do not have the worry of paying monthly bills.

Living on campus also gives students more of an opportunity to get involved in activities and with peers of different cultures, interests and values.

Camille Biswell, junior education major, lived in the Washburn Village throughout the current academic year. She is planning to live on campus next year as well.

“[I live on campus] because it was time for me to leave my parents house and I wanted to be more involved on campus,” Biswell, said. “I didn’t want to rely on my parents and I didn’t want to drive 20 to 40 miles a day. I know my major will be very busy, it’s just easier if I’m on campus to get things done and still be involved with college life instead of being secluded.”

Biswell chooses to live in the Washburn Village because it is modeled like a regular apartment. It has a living space, kitchen and separate bedrooms. It gives a more independent experience than that of the dorms, where rooms are typically shared by students.

Yuxin Fu, an international student from China, lives in the Washburn Village as well. She lives on campus because of the access to the Union Market and Lincoln Dining, which provide meals that can be purchased with dining dollars included in selected meal packages. This means Fu does not have to leave campus for food. She also likes that class is within walking distance.

Though there are perks to living on campus, not all students prefer to. This is the case for Reed Trease, senior accounting major. Trease hasn’t lived on campus since his freshman year.

“I like the freedom the apartment gave me,” said Trease. “I got to choose my roommates and suitemates. You can connect everything you want to wifi. On Washburn’s wifi, you can only have three devices connected. It’s a lot cheaper too. I like living off campus.”

The Washburn Village will now stay open for the entire academic year. Students will no longer have to check out for holiday or summer breaks, adding another aspect of convenience to living on Washburn’s Residential Living.