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What is student media?


***BOD Magazine, Washburn Review, and KAW Yearbook


Who do you work for?


What publications does student media produce?

Our three major productions include the Washburn Review, BOD Magazine, and KAW Yearbook. All of our publications are crafted by Washburn students.

Below are links to our latest issues and Yearbook purchasing. 


How can I apply?

Here is a link to the Apply tab! Listed on the page is positions Student Media is looking to fill. 


Do I have to be a Mass Media major to join student media?

Of course not! All majors are welcome to join Washburn Student Media.


Do I need previous experience to apply?

While experience is beneficial, it is not required as long as the applicant is willing to be trained.


Where and how do I submit events or news to the Washburn Review?

Below is a link to our form to submit news. You will be taken to a login page. Upon signing in, you will be redirected to the News form.

How can I advertise with student media?

Below is the link to our portal for purchasing advertisements. 


How do I order a yearbook?

Below is a link to our yearbook publisher. The available packages and products are shown on the screen. Once you have chosen your desired products, proceed to checkout via clicking on the cart in the top right corner. 

The 2017-2018 yearbooks will be delivered early September 2018 and can be picked up in the Student Publications office located in the lower level of the student union. If you would rather have your yearbook shipped to your home, that option that may be selected during checkout.