Quick tips for shopping for clothes on a budget

Trends are constantly changing, and it can be expensive to keep up with them. Just buying new clothes in general can be expensive, but purchasing trendy pieces can really rack up a bill. Everyone is encouraged to explore their options to find what fits their taste within these references.

First, establish a budget. A good way to avoid overspending is to make sure that all of the bills are taken care of beforehand. No one wants to spend money they don’t have. Wait to binge shop until after the second or third paycheck of the month.

Secondly, track where the money is going. Often, we catch ourselves trying to remember which dollar went where. Fortunately, Washburn refers us to U.S. Bank, where we can set up a student account. The student banking account allows us to set a spending limit, which ultimately can stop us from spending if our account becomes negative. U.S. Bank also has an online banking app, which allows students to see where they spend each dollar and helps them keep track of their money.

Download Unidays to help track money. Students can create an account using their Washburn email address. Before checking out at any online shopping store, make sure to get the student discount promo code provided on the app, apply it to your cart and save money.

Also, always check the sale tab or clearance rack for each shopping trip. A good way to get more for the buck is to filter the search by sorting the items on the webpage by price. Just select “Price: Low-high,” which shows the items in order from the lowest price to the most expensive. Students can usually find basics for as low as $5 to $10. 

H&M offers clothing and accessories for men, women and children. In addition to clothing and accessories, H&M also offers home decorations. They have great quality clothing, long lasting makeup and nail polish and their online sales can reach as low as $1.99. They have a great sale selection, so students can almost always find something they like without hurting their wallet.

SHEIN also offers clothing and accessories for everyone. They keep up with the trends and they always offer sales for the clothes that are “last season.” The clothes have fantastic price tags, and they have a great selection of sweaters.

Forever 21 offers hipster-chic styles for men, women and children. Similar to SHEIN, their selection changes according to tend and season. They often have a wide range of items on sale, and their overall pricing is very budget friendly.

Poshmark offers mostly brand name clothes, and these items are sold by private owners. When shopping from private owners, look for “NWT,” which stands for “new with tags.” It’s also a good idea to check reviews for each seller, so that students know they are buying from someone they can trust to send the correct items. 

Ross and TJ Maxx offer name brand clothing at a fraction of the cost. The clothes that are name brand are sold at Ross because something in their stitching was off, but nothing major. TJ Maxx often has designer brands that are out of season and highly discounted. Both of them contain men, women and kids home, shoes and accessories. Both are located on Wanamaker Road in Topeka, Kan. They cannot be found online.

Walmart offers a decent selection of clothing. Students can find a more stylish top or pants for even cheaper than at one of the shopping stores above.

ShopMissA is the thriftiest way to expand one’s makeup and hair accessory collections. This site offers great quality makeup, skin care, nail care and more for $1. They also offer products in which a fraction of the proceeds are donated to animal shelters when purchased.

Visit the following online stores for deals for shopping on a budget:

Fashion Nova

Charlotte Russe

Burlington Coat Factory

Plato’s Closet








Ulta Beauty