Study abroad showcases diverse cultures and opportunities


Kevin Coalres

Oh the places you’ll go: Exploring the world while learning can help you broaden your horizons and be more accepting of others and their cultures. You can also see your own culture through a different perspective and better understand why things work the way they do back home.

Traveling offers so much opportunity for growth and knowledge. Something that students may not consider is Washburn’s Study Abroad program and how they can travel abroad during their time here. Tina Williams, study abroad coordinator at the office of international programs at Washburn, manages 25 different exchange programs with institutions around the world.

There are different types of study abroad programs offered by the International office: the semester abroad, where students get to experience another culture while studying for a semester; the faculty-led program, which is a short-term program where Washburn faculty develop a credit course that includes travel opportunities and also virtual programs for those who prefer staying at home but want to experience another culture.

“If students have a course or academic interest that is not covered by the aforementioned programs, Washburn has partnerships with foreign institutions to offer special courses,” Williams said.

Abigail McCrory, a student who participated in a two week faculty-led program in Europe, traveled to places like Belgium as a part of her major in entrepreneurship, innovation and marketing at the Washburn School of Business. McCrory explains that the program allowed her to present a project to a company back home and in Belgium as part of her business degree, while exploring the wonders of Europe.

“I know everyone says it is life-changing, but it is. It was incredible!” McCrory said.

Common destinations include countries in Western Europe such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland and Spain. Most of these partner institutions are popular among students because they offer courses taught in English. With the rise in popularity of K-pop, Korean cuisine and TV shows like Squid Games, countries like Japan and South Korea are becoming increasingly popular as well.

“Studying abroad opens so many more avenues and things to explore. It really does help students see the world through a different lens. Seeing how things are done in a different way helps you reevaluate the way things work back home,” Williams says.

A lot of students are interested in study abroad programs but either believe they can’t afford it or don’t have enough time. Study abroad courses count towards your degree and Washburn offers scholarships to cover the cost of studies including room and board, and departmental sponsorships are available for specific majors.

You can find more information about eligibility, costs, and scholarships here:

Edited by:- Ellie Walker, Simran Shrestha