Student Profile: Darria Dennison

Darria Dennison: WU Senior, Dennison, will graduate this fall double major in Theatre and Mass Media: Film and Video

Darria Dennison is in her senior year at Washburn University and she is planning on graduating at the end of this semester. She has been involved in many different departments during her time here. From theater to film, Darria is a star in everything she does.

    Dennison began her time here at Washburn in Fall of 2014. It was important to her to find a college that had a theater and a film program so that she could double major. She had her visit here and spoke with Linda smith from the theater department and she was immediately sold on Washburn University. Dennison is graduating this semester with a double major in Theatre and Mass Media: Film and Video

    During her time here Darria was able to get heavily involved in the theatre department as an actress, director, and behind the scenes as well. Her first lead was in “Maricious” which was a play about “high-stakes” stamps, and stamp collectors.

    “That was a fun first experience as a lead,” Dennison said. “It was a character very different from me, which was challenging but fun to do.”

    Dennison was involved in so many productions but a few of her favorites were “Seascape” and “Constellations.” In Seascape she worked behind the scenes on the tech of the show. She helped with sound, set, and costuming for this production. In “Constellations” she played the lead of Marianne. This production followed Marianne as she dealt with a serious illness and a relationship.

    “‘Constellations’ is one of my absolute favorite scripts and I’m so glad we pushed to do it here at Washburn.”

    She also fully directed the production of “Patient Autonomy” which was written by fellow Washburn student, now graduate, Jamie Schwartz. This production was special because it was an entirely student-run production.

    Dennison was also the president of Washburn Players. The Players are a student organization focused around theatre. Dennison was president her sophomore and junior year and led The Players to their first win at Yell like Hell.

    Dennison has also been involved in the film department. She has acted, filmed, and run tech for several of the productions done by the Washburn Film Association.

    Dennison has found an amazing support group and some amazing professors that she would consider mentors. From the theatre department she looks up to Linda Smith and Sharon Sullivan, and from Mass Media she has grown close to Maria Stover and Matt Nyquist. She gives credit to the wonderful professors in her life for helping her through her degrees.

    Dennison plans on applying to The University of Southern California for the master in fine arts in Film and Television Production. One thing is for sure, Dennison is destined for great things after she leaves the comfort of Washburn.