Telltale Games Shutdown

The company that produced games like “The Walking Dead” and “The Wolf Among Us,” Telltale Games, is shutting down and laying off most of its staff to prepare for the shutdown, according to Only 25 people were left of the staff layoffs to finish the obligations they had to the company’s board and partners.  

The studio itself was still in the middle of releasing new games for the month, as well as “The Walking Dead: The Final Season” first episode was released last month. There was a giant internal battle between Telltale’s toxic management and the staff, along with their tradition of overworking everyone that has been documented by an outside source. Ninety employees had been laid off last year, which made about a quarter of the entire staff at that time.  

According to, because the company is closing, the games that were supposed to come out, like “The Wolf Among Us 2” and “Stranger Things” have been cancelled. It turns out that the crew who was supposed to stay on to finish “The Walking Dead: The Final Season” are not going to finish production.  

They are working on “Minecraft Story Mode” that was their project for Netflix. The team that was specifically for “The Walking Dead” was laid off Sept. 21 so the game itself will remain uncompleted. There is supposed to be news later to talk about the fate of the other games that the company was working on, but as of now, there is no official word about them.   

“Honestly, I’m really sad about this situation. I loved the quality of the games as well as the games themselves. I really enjoyed the fact that you could choose between a path of good or evil choices instead of just a straightforward gameplay. It is pretty disheartening to learn that,” said Collin Holthaus, senior history major. “I hope they get back to releasing games later. It doesn’t sound like it will be a good working environment for the 25 people who are left to take care of things considering their tendency to overwork their employees that numbered in the 200s.” 

Angela Gray, sophomore English education and theater major, as well as a member of the Dungeons and Dragons club, is not happy about the news.

“I’m very depressed about it. ‘The Walking Dead’ is one of my favorite shows and the games are really fun to play. Maybe not enough production money is the reason they are shutting down, because that would explain why they need to do it. They should give you less hours if you ask for it, instead of overworking everyone to the point of exhaustion,” Gray said. “I feel like not providing enough people to make sure the games would be able to be published was a very bad move on their part. If they are going to fire people, they should hire the same number to do the work that those let go would do.”