Washburn soccer comes back to top Hillcats


Kohichiro Yamada

Celebration: Members of the team hug each other after scoring a goal on Oct. 10, 2021. Washburn defeated Rogers State 3-1 in the match.

Senior midfielder Tera Lynch led the Ichabods to another victory Sunday afternoon, Oct. 10, 2021 at Yager Stadium, making the team 6-3-2 on the year

Rogers State scored first against the run of play, but Washburn kept its composure and found a way to grind out a 3-1 victory.

This puts the Ichabods at sixth place out of the twelve teams in the MIAA, and in November, only the top eight will contend in the playoff tournament. Washburn’s six games before league rankings are finalized, are evenly against three teams above them and three teams below them on the table. Sophomore goalkeeper Raegan Wells commented about her confidence on making the final eight.

“I’m really confident. Our team does really well when we play in our game model, and today, we did that. And if we just stay composed, I have full confidence in our team,” said Wells.

On the day Wells was involved in two collisions with Rogers State players inside the box. The first one required a stoppage of play for Wells.

“I just came out to the ball. I got to the ball first, and then she just kinda knocked the wind out of me. Had to catch my breath there for a second, but I was all good after that,” said Wells.

The opening goal by the Hillcats took wind out of Washburn’s sails, but only momentarily.

Freshman forward Khloe Schuckman drew a penalty in the 58th minute which Lynch converted to level the score. The Ichabods got the go-ahead goal in the 75th minute from a goal-mouth scramble. And then came the 86th minute when Schuckman drew another foul, this time outside of the box,leading to the same result and extending the lead.

Tera Lynch’s fizzed shot, quivering from the incurred turbulence, pinged in off the far post.

Match minutes

3’ Khloe Schuckman takes Washburn’s first shot, from outside the box it’s caught by the goalkeeper.

9’ Rogers State offside at the edge of the box.

12’ Tera Lynch shoots from three yards beyond the D, caught by the goalkeeper.

15’ Rogers State forward zips around the Washburn defense and leads them into the box. As she shoots she goes down and rolls but it’s unclear if it was caused by her momentum or the nearby Ichabods. Ball went out off the post. The referee saw nothing wrong with it.

15’ Raegan Wells parries a threatening shot around the post for a corner.

20’ Physio is out for Raegan Wells. Wells has already rolled onto her back and placed her hands on her head, after colliding with a crowd while punching the ball clear. She’s up after three minutes and will continue.

27’ Schuckman gets clipped by a passed defender, which leads to a free kick for Tera Lynch from that same spot above the D. The shot goes a couple yards over the crossbar.

28’ Another collision in the box involving Raegan Wells. This time it’s the Rogers State player on the ground. I don’t know what she, the Rogers State player, was thinking, but she was never going to get that ball before Wells. Referee calls for physio but the player gets up. A few Washburn players seem to be talking to the referee about the incident. Drop ball to Raegan Wells.

35’ GOAL Rogers State. Shoddy defense by the Ichabods it has to be said on the play. The Rogers State goalscorer, Kori Watters, was never treated as a threat as she simply dribbled past a couple defenders and took a relatively tame shot to the far post that caught Wells on her heels.

40’ Rosemann played a nice through ball for Riley Wells into the box, who could run alongside it for as long as she pleased and had a shot which was blocked then picked up by a defender.

42’ Washburn are putting the pressure on before halftime.The Ichabods have had two shots on target since Riley Wells’ moments ago.

54’ Schuckman turns to goal at the D and has her shot blocked by the defender. It trickles out to Jaedyn Johnson who shoots off-target.

58’ PENALTY for Washburn. Sydney Rosemann held up the ball at a slanted angle outside of the box as teammates arrived. She waited the exact amount of seconds, applied the right amount of pace to the pass, which split two defenders and in came Khloe Schuckman, at the appointed time and place, to take her first touch and then was hacked by the defender. No hesitation from the referee on calling the penalty.

58’ GOAL Washburn. Tera Lynch picks a side and hits it hard, regardless of which way the goalkeeper was going to choose. Score level at 1.

75’ GOAL Washburn. The cross came into the box and last touched a Washburn player in the form of Jadyn Allen’s header which was abruptly kicked into the net. From the instant replay on the big screen it appears the scorer is wearing Rogers State socks. Jadyn Allen’s goal GIF is displayed on the screen and her name is credited by the announcer. As that was being announced, three Washburn players heading back across the half line ran to Allen and high-fived her.

82’ YELLOW CARD Rogers State’s Iris Seamster is booked for a tackle.

86’ YELLOW CARD Rogers State’s Andrea Egerer is booked for a tackle. Both yellow card tackles were on Khloe Schuckman.

86’ GOAL Tera Lynch fizzes a shot to the far post that pings in off the upright.

Edited by Kyle Manthe, Katrina Johnson