Financial Advising

Compared to broker or accountant, a financial advisor is a professional who offers financial advice catered to the individual person and their financial situation. These financial advisors give advice on how and where to put money for the future. This includes saving for a house, retirement and their future children’s education.

For many college students, buying a house and saving for retirement is not a top priority. Financial advice offered at Washburn focuses on identifying the scholarships, grants and loans available to the students.

Having the financial security means that it would be easier for students to focus on being a student and working toward their degree. By receiving help, this can only improve your financial situation.

Washburn financial advisors are able to focus on the transition from a senior in high school to a college freshman. This ensures the importance of self care when it comes to young adults taking on thousands of dollars by themselves.

Financial aid is extremely frustrating and many students lose sleep wondering if they will be able to pay for their next year or even semester. This is the first hands-on experience with debt. Students have not bought a house, but they might as well have with how much loan debt they are acquiring. This can cause long-term anxiety and for many to drop out of school altogether.

The first small step to managing your money is facing it. Financial advising is offered to help students come to terms with the situation that they are in and be able to move forward with their debt.

Dealing with the stress of due dates in many classes is hard enough, but having someone work with you to create a better future for yourself makes financial advising the best resource on campus.