Goals galore as Washburn soccer laps Lopers


David Craft

After a 6-1 victory over the University of Nebraska at Kearney on Sept. 26, 2021 Washburn University soccer is 5-1-1 on the season.

Washburn is back in the win column following a 6-1 formality past the University of Nebraska at Kearney at Yager Stadium on Sunday, Sept. 26, 2021.

Six different goal scorers made it a team bounty. And, what has to be seen as a positive for the team as a whole moving forward, none of them were scored or assisted by prolific senior midfielder Tera Lynch, who was tied for the team lead in goals heading into the match.

Junior Emily Munyer’s service from midfield today shined brightest. Her two notable passes which created goals were weighted perfectly through to the space behind the defenders both times.

The first was curled around the defender into open space at the edge of the box where all junior midfielder Sydney Rosemann had to do 1-on-1 was decide which side to shoot, and she did so successfully in the 38th minute.

Shortly after in the 43rd minute, Munyer connected with junior defender Jaedyn Johnson on a long run. So long, it seemed that the hanging pass into the box was overshooting it’s target, but into the picture seamlessly ran Johnson to tuck it home for a goal.

“She was running off the sideline at outside back, and I saw Syd checking into space super close so I got in behind and Emily found me,” said Johnson of the build up to that goal.

By far the player who spent the most time getting up, Johnson dictated Kearney’s lack of possession through tackles and fouls, and became more vociferous after Lynch and Schuckman’s departure in the 58th minute when Head Coach Davy Phillips moved her to center back.

“We got to stay strong and play our game no matter what the opponent is going to do to us,” said Johnson.

As Phillips had reiterated after the last game two days prior, when Washburn is at its best, they are indeed a tough team to contain.

The ball movement was free-flowing throughout the entire game, occasionally inconvenienced by the Lopers. Other Washburn goals were sent over the line by senior defender Olivia Harriger in the 32nd; freshman forward Khloe Schuckman, 54th; junior defender Mattie Miano, 61st; and freshman forward Ella McManus Ella McManus in the 82nd. All of which added up to a final score of 6-1 and a victory for the Ichabods.

Match minutes
3’ Schuckman offside 40 yards from goal.

9’ A Kearney midfielder has a shot from outside the box that goes a few yards wide.

13’ There’s a collision in the Washburn box for the ball which neither Wells nor the Kearney player touched as it bounced out. No penalty. No foul. Out for a goal kick.

22’ Jaedyn Johnson gets a good first touch on a pass at the top of the D, has a pop and it rolls onto the top netting.

28’ Moments after hearing a Kearney appeal that Johnson pushed her during the last throw-in, the referee blows the whistle on Johnson for shirt pulling, which she was.

28’ YELLOW CARD Tera Lynch is booked for a foul.

30’ GOAL Olivia Harriger redirects a volley with the inside of the foot the open half of the net, safe and sure, from a cross by Riley Wells at the touchline.

38’ GOAL Sydney Rosemann 1-on-1 with the keeper picks a side and hits it hard. Her two previous attempts at latching onto a through ball were called offside. This time it worked out. It was some pass from Emily Munyer. The ball curled around the defender, it slowed down to running speed, Rosemann took it in stride and finished it to the back of the net.

43’ GOAL Jaedyn Johnson nudges the ball wide of the keeper with the outside of her foot at the goal mouth. Again the assist comes from Emily Munyer. This time the ball was a long, flighted one over several players, destined to flatten right in the path of Johnson. They both saw that the whole way.

44’ Washburn have broken apart this Kearney defense. Riley Wells latches onto a through ball and the shot is caught by the keeper.

45’ Head coach Davy Phillips makes a goalkeeping change at halftime. In comes Graycn Evans. Her first action is a long, gusty shot safely caught.

52’ Cloe Quintana, on the edge of the six-yard box, volleys a corner with her laces cleanly but it’s straight to the Kearney keeper.

54’ GOAL Khloe Schuckman collides with the Kearney keeper, but milliseconds before bopped the hurtling ball goalward (sent in by Mackenzie Menke) with her toes, beyond the keeper’s reach or reaction.

57’ Goalkeeper Graycn Evans misjudges an overhit Kearney through lob and it bounces over her head. She stretches to touch it but not enough to impede it and it’s out for a corner. To be fair to her the uprights above her are rocking back and forth. The orange streamers at top whip and ride horizontally.

60’ GOAL Mattie Miano, off a fizzed in corner by Emily Stone, redirects it with her head with solid technique. No velocity lost. Straight by the keeper.

68’ Jadyn Allen shoots from the top of the box and the keeper has to dive to save it.

70’ GOAL UNK’s Perla Navarro got tangled up in front of goal, the ball popped loose and she reacted fastest. Fading away she put her laces through it and it traveled through the Washburn bodies into the back of the net.

78’ Kearney physio is out for a down player. What happened was she elbowed Jadyn Allen for a 50/50, there was a yell, and then she, the Kearney player, stayed down. After several minutes she sits up but unable to walk or stand, due to an ankle injury.

81’ GOAL Ella McManus, loose ball falls to her feet. She places it in the far corner beyond the diving keeper.

Edited by Kyle Manthe and Alyssa Storm