Greek life hosts BBQ

Serve it up: Food and cold water were served to those who attended the event.

Last week’s Greek barbeque night hosted many hungry attendees who reported that they were happy with the cooler temperatures and breeze, despite the overcast sky. Although most of the food ran out before attendance peaked, the atmosphere was still filled with positive vibes.
Hundreds of determined and eager students recognized the social gathering as a networking opportunity. They gathered on the East Lawn by the Memorial Union to encourage one another to elevate their college experience onto new levels of academic excellence and enrichment.
Everyone talked, laughed and played games as they made meaningful connections with new people. Student leaders took the opportunity to practice their skills in recruiting freshmen and others into the Greek life community.
Background music thumped from the PA speaker in the distance as some danced fearlessly. One of the DJs was the new assistant director of Student Involvement and Development, Megan McGinnis. She and her crew set up a tent that provided cover for their famous hotdogs and life-saving cold water.
When interviewed, she directed the focus toward the students.
“It’s about the students out there in the field today who are doing such a great job,” said McGinnis.
Greek life at Washburn is overseen by Student Involvement and Development, whose director is Isaiah Collier.
Membership with a sorority or fraternity can improve a student’s social skills and result in more effective time-management. It provides a chance to work in community service and brings a sense of sisterhood or brotherhood to one’s life. Lifelong friendships are made through many rewarding experiences.
“What I love about being in Kappa Sigma is the brotherhood, the people, the connections…It’s the bonding that I really like,” said Daniel Lopez, a junior studying allied health.
The consensus was that it is a fun way to spend time with good people and give back to the community, while receiving a quality education.
Everyone at that table was excited about life and thankful for the evening to connect with one another, face-to-face, in beautiful weather.
When bonds are formed and encouraging words are exchanged, people are often inspired to do things they never thought were possible, including things that change the world into a better place. This inspiration and collective strength is what each individual needs to advance forward into unchartered territory.
Edited by: Alijah McCracken and Madison Dean