CAB Bingo Night

Mondays are reserved for Monday Night Football. Tuesdays bring Tacos. Wednesday is Hump day. Thursdays are Bingo night; and Washburn campus did just that. CAB hosted its Grocery Bingo event last Thursday evening, providing a fun, safe, and entertaining environment aimed to help transition students to the college life.

The evening commenced with a light, easy feel. Great music played as the attendees arrived and were handed a bag of candy as markers for their cards. Students were there to have fun and let chance dance with them. Everything was one big Cheshire grin until the first prize bag of groceries was awarded. From that point forward, the heat was turned up high.

Students were aware of their peers, their peers’ cards, as well as their own. As the night progressed hands shot up in the air, voices spoke urgently, and Bingo! was called out left and right.  

Parker Gallion, a sophomore, was the luckiest contestant of the lot. Winning two rounds of blackout bingo, he took home quite a load of prizes- a bag of groceries and a gift card with a mystery amount taped to a 24-case of water.

“It was awesome to win!” said Gallion excitedly. “These are two awesome prize packages. Thanks to CAB for providing. I didn’t have any expectations for tonight. I just came for the fun of playing.”

Sam Sayler, co-director of Varieties and Entertainment for CAB, also commented on the event.

“The turnout was good. Satisfactory. People got their groceries and had some fun while doing it. I don’t think there will be another one this semester, but there’s a good chance it will happen again in the Spring. Safe bet.”

And there it is. If anyone missed out on this semester’s grocery bingo, be on the lookout for more CAB events for opportunities to get involved and possibly win free groceries.