Bod on the Block: Students dream about what fall might bring


Bod on the Block: What would you like to see on the campus for Fall Semester?

photos by Olivia Watson

Makenzie Koranda, junior nursing major

“I know this probably can’t be helped because of Covid, but more events. I was a new student, and I’m an RA so I heard a lot from my residence that they would like more stuff to do. So that’s my number one thing.”







Koy Olberding, sophomore legal studies major

“I would like to see more in-person on-campus events like football games. I’d like to see more events like supporting diversity and inclusion on campus.”








Denise Saldivar, international mass media major

“More activities, more meetings, and more fun experiences.”








Larresa Kelpin, junior accounting major

“I would really like to see kind of like normal campus life. To be able to do more community-building events, like with our fellow students at Washburn, if that’s possible, obviously, because it is kind of hard.”







James Woods, freshman history major

“Be able to open up the campus safely. Be able to interact with people. To be able to have that community feeling again.”








Johnathan Hemenway, sophomore nursing major

“I’m looking forward to seeing everyone back here, hopefully, because I’ve heard we might get back to normal.”







Maimeiah Cope, sophomore, art major

“I like to see more, cheaper lunches because some students come and have lower income. I also like to see and get more involved with the Black Student Union. I would like to see more of them.”