Washburn digitizes Apeiron for 2021

3 smart ladies: Students Yaretzi I. Villa (left), Brooke Province (middle) and Hannah Hagedorn give a presentation at Apeiron in 2019.

Apeiron will be held on April 16, 2021

“Apeiron is a celebration of student research,” said Professor Chris Jones, assistant professor of religious studies.

It will take place on April 16, 2021. Apeiron is a way for students to present their research or creative activities in a fun and safe environment.

“It’s something that I wish I had had as an undergraduate,” said Professor Courtney Sullivan, professor of modern languages.

If you participate, you will work with a mentor, your advisor, or a different professor, and make a presentation, write an abstract or create a poster and present your research in front of a panel of faculty, students and an audience.

“It’s an opportunity to do all that, and present it to the public in a way that gets you prepared and comfortable for future situations, but in a pretty non-threatening way,” said Sullivan.

It is a great way to practice and prepare yourself for higher education or your career after college. Washburn University prides itself on helping students be prepared for life after their college careers; this is an opportunity the university provides for its students to be able to understand the demands of higher education and possible careers.

Participating in Apeiron is a great resume booster as well as it gives you an opportunity to get your ideas out to the public in an acclaimed academic setting.

“I mean it looks good on graduate applications and it’s also great you know their jobs, and especially if they become professors that go into graduate school they’re gonna need to know how to present,” said Sullivan.

Apeiron is usually an in-person event where students present their research in front of a panel of faculty, students and an audience; COVID has changed it up a bit, but it will remain the same with a digital twist.

This year, all paper submissions will be read and discussed over Zoom; the link can be shared with family, friends and classmates so everyone has the opportunity to read and listen to your work. If you are presenting a poster or anything with fine arts, it will be presented over an app called “Remo” that allows you to virtually visit each table and allows you to ask the student questions about their presentation.

“You know, people always say that public speaking is scarier than death, this is a chance to practice it without dying,” said Jones.

Any graduate or undergraduate student is free to participate in Apeiron.

“I would encourage any student, you know, if you have doubts, go ahead and try because you have a good chance of getting accepted,” said Jones.

Jones goes on to say that it will prepare you to answer the tough questions you may get asked when in an interview or a presentation and give you advice on how to answer those tough questions correctly.

If you are interested in registering, you can go to your My Washburn account; under the “Student Academics” tab, you can click on the link to register. It will ask you to submit the information then it will go to your mentor to be approved.

Edited By: Crystal Hendrix, Katrina Johnson, Simran Shrestha, Matthew L. Self