Bods on the Block: Students come back to campus

“What are your thoughts about going back to in-person classes after the worst month of coronavirus deaths in the U.S. so far?”

Photo by Savannah Workman
Kailey Johnson

“I’m all online anyways because the classes aren’t big enough to hold. It has not made a huge difference for me, class-wise. I am, however, involved in music. Being able to play in ensembles together has been so much easier than learning music online. Plus, you learn more when you are with people.”




photo by Savannah Workman
Michelle Sawyer

“I don’t want to be in class since the COVID-19 cases in the county are so high. If it was a little bit lower, I would not hold a big deal toward it. I am at high risk when it comes to COVID-19. I just want to make sure I am OK.”





Photo by Savannah Workman
Tyler Crenshaw
Business/Human Resources

“I do better in in-person classes. I am more focused, and I don’t have distractions when I’m in a Zoom meeting. It’s not that people are not doing the right thing on campus, it is what they [the students] are doing off campus and then coming back. I am just kind of going with the flow.”




Photo by Savannah Workman

Ron Bouska

“I can’t stand the online learning. I dropped a couple of classes because nobody could make up their minds [about hybrid classes]. I prefer to be in person. But honestly right now, we don’t have much of that.”





Photo submitted by Jenna Wilson

Jenna Wilson

“I’m okay with it…the vaccine is out, which makes me feel a little better, but on the other hand, case numbers are still high. I respect either way of learning even though I learn better in person. I would prefer if classes were one way or the other because having to juggle an online class and an in-person class can get a little confusing.”




Photo by Madison Dean

Quay’Shawn Akins
Mass Media

“I think it’s refreshing because it’s been so long since I’ve been in person, and I got a good feeling after [coming back]. [I prefer] in person because I can’t connect with anybody [online].”





photo by Madison Dean

Aniyah Williams

“I don’t see a change because my first semester, my classes were half online and half in-person and it’s kind of the same this year so I’m used to it. I did get the [vaccine], so hopefully that helps.”





Photo submitted by Bryn Aytes

Bryan Aytes
Computer Science

“I feel like students should have the right to choose, and I think that teachers have been doing pretty well with that. Personally, I really enjoy having in-person classes, and I think taking a student’s agency of what environment they are in can be beneficial. I know if I’m sitting at my house, I will be distracted by everything around me. At the same time, I do know it’s important to not take students out of where their comfort zone is right now.”