Roadside attractions call to Kansans

Don’t let winter break coming to an end and the university beginning to prevent you from doing the last of your sightseeing. In Kansas there are a number of various odd, creepy, weird and interesting things to do and see.

Ranging from museums to murals, and all the way to the biggest hairball pulled from a cow’s stomach, Kansas has a number of available sights to see before you pack up to head back to school.

A couple of the attractions that exist here at home consist of the Equality House across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church and the Evel Knievel Museum that showcases the stuntman’s bicycles and protective gear.

The mural located across the street from the Brown v. Board National Historic Site also seems to get a lot of attention. According to its website, it explores themes of equality and justice through the eyes of young people in our community.

Regardless of your interests, I’m sure there is a roadside attraction suitable for your desires. 

One of the neatest cluster of attractions Kansas has to offer is the portrait and birthplace of Amelia Earhart in Atchison, Kansas. Amelia Earhart, the first woman to attempt to circumnavigate the globe in the late 1930’s and she ended up disappearing in the south Pacific Ocean.

Another great roadside attraction is in Meade, Kansas. It is not only a Dalton Gang museum, but it’s also assumed to be one of their original hideouts. The home and museum used to be the home of a sister of the outlaws and her husband. The Dalton Gang were a group of three brothers in the early 1890’s that specialized in bank and train robberies. They were a major part of the Wild West gangs that plagued this area for a great time.

If you privy geological attractions, there are plenty to be found here in our home state. Ranging rom the mushroom rocks of Brookville, Kansas to the Strataca Underground Salt Museum of Hutchinson, Kansas.

Kansas is also home to the center of the contiguous U.S. While there is a plaque that marks the spot in Lebanon, Kansas, the true center is actually located a few miles away on a private pig farm.

In addition, you can’t forget the plethora of tributes to the movie we are most famous for, “The Wizard of Oz.” Home to the Yellow Brick Road in Salina, Kansas attracts many tourists. Liberal, Kansas is the self proclaimed home of the main fictional character, Dorothy, and has even established what they claim to be her house.


As you can see, regardless of where your interests lie, there is plenty of sightseeing to do. There are also various other attractions that are available online that may peak your interest. Kansas has so much to offer, take advantage of it over the last week of winter break.