Don’t forget about you

As we near the end of a unique semester, it is important to recognize how much some of us have on our plate.

Some students are completely loaded up with coursework. Others work full-time, take care of families, or play a sport. Some students deal with all three of these things while also dealing with other daunting challenges on a daily basis.

I could never include each challenge that a student could go through. Regardless of what your story is, there is one constant among us all; we are all human beings with emotions, stress and trauma, thanks to COVID-19.

When working in a mentally demanding environment like a university, especially in an online format that has been an adjustment for all of us, it is important to make time for yourself. So many of us want to conquer the world by the end of the day, but the significance of taking care of your mental health is of the utmost importance.

Making sure you have time for leisure and breaks in-between all your tasks is beneficial. Licensed clinical professional counselor Gary Gilles suggests that stretching, walking, controlled breathing, exercise and visualization during your breaks will lead to the most refreshing results. Washburn also offers free personal counseling for all students at Kuehne Hall, suite 200. If you feel like life is too much, talking to someone about your emotions can be a very valuable resource.

School is quite stressful, but I find taking time out to go hiking on nature trails is almost like a mental health reset. I recommend Big Shunga Trail as an opportunity for both exercise and nature watching. Additionally, I find it important to get away from my desk and walk around. Sitting in one position for too long limits your productivity, while frequently changing your positioning could be beneficial.

Even in these uncertain times, getting things done is still important, and sometimes even more challenging. But, amid the storm, don’t forget about you.