The Mandalorian Season 2 off to Strong Start


Photo via The Mandalorian Twitter

Mando and Baby Yoda are back for another season of action, adventure, and adorable memes

After capturing the hearts of the world last fall, B̶a̶b̶y̶ ̶Y̶o̶d̶a̶ “The Mandalorian” has returned for a second season on Disney+. The first ever live-action Star Wars show, created by Jon Favreau, released the first two episodes of their eight episode season, the last two Friday’s.

The season opener begins with Mando, or Din Djarin as he is officially known as, traveling to Tatooine in an attempt to locate other Mandolorians like him. As always, his 50 year old child, Baby Yoda, in tow.

While on Tatooine, shenanigans ensue and Mando ends up teaming up with Cobb Vanth, a self-appointed sheriff doing his best Jango Fett impression, in order to defeat a Krayt dragon and save the town Vanth resides over.

In return, Mando will get to keep the well-used Mandalorian style armor Vanth wears. It’s good that Mando is talented with a blaster because frankly he got worked over in this deal.

After playing superhero, Mando is forced to take on the role of taxi driver as he drives a frog creature across the galaxy so she can deliver her eggs (have I mentioned that this is a fantasy show). While flying, Mando is chased down by two rebel ships before he escapes and crash lands on an ice filled planet.

In order to further market just how adorable Baby Yoda is, the show has decided to make each enemy more unsightly than the last, this time in the form of giant spiders. Mando is then forced to become an exterminator while Baby Yoda continues to eat every form of unborn life he can get his hands on, spider or frog it does not matter, it will be eaten.

Through the quarter point of the season the show is off to a strong start thanks to continuing with the same formula that led it to success last year. More connections to ‘traditional’ “Star Wars” storylines are in the works to be made but the series still is able to carve out its own unique space in the “Star Wars” universe.

If you have an expansive fantasy world with unique characters, award-winning special effects and Baby Yoda, it is smart not to mess with that recipe. The biggest change in the second season is that the episodes are longer than the first, now hovering around the 45 minute mark as opposed to 30 in the opening season.

With a strong start to season two, and a story with no end in sight, “The Mandalorian” seems destined to lead the Disney-lead era of Star Wars for as long as it wants to.

WRITERS NOTE: the cross through text in the first sentence is intended and is not a mistake that went unnoticed.

Edited by: Matthew L. Self, Bri Smith