Capture this moment

Me in the Pandemic

Editor’s Note: The slideshow of the student, faculty and staff contributions were not edited by Student Media. We suggest viewing the slideshow on a tablet or a laptop to read the text more easily.

If you walk in the breezeway between the Memorial Union Market and the Corner Store, you will see the windows covered in simple 8.5- by 11-inch sheets of paper telling student stories.

Sangyoub Park, an associate professor in the sociology/anthropology department, has encouraged his students to take time to reflect on this theme, “Capture this moment: Me in the Pandemic.”

Work from the following students, faculty and staff is included in the gallery: Aja Carter, Andrea Desire Moya, Christopher Noland, Aubrie Achilles, Beatriz Solis, Britt Brown, Christina Noland, CJ Callaghan, Dulce Ayala, Haley Carlin, Flynn Hemenway, Joshua Standish, Kevin Furuiye, Kiann Khamphouy, Masayuki Kuraoka, Petra Gay, Miriam Paredes, Parker Hurtig, Glorianna Noland, Jaleaha Stroud, Taylor Province, Gracie Huff, Ana Estrada, August Malm, Cade Blevins, Lindsay Ibanez, assistant professor of sociology/anthropology; Sangyoub Park, associate professor sociology/anthropology; Jack Benedict,  Jackson Doty, Jackson Kavanagh, Kamden Ward, Karsin Miller, Logan Dunn, Diana Ramirez, Ty Redmond, Melissa Lewis, senior administrative assistant in sociology/anthropology, Molly Welsh, Natalie Schroeder, Nikki Enos, Olivia Wykert, Cal Leonard, Riley Lang, Ricky Campos, Thao Tran-Nguyen and Trevor Estrada.


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Students who would like to add their pandemic stories can email Park at [email protected].