Washburn Wellness Fair kicks off in March

Matthew L. Self, Review Editor in Chief

The Wellness Fair will begin at 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 5 in the Memorial Union A and B rooms. The 11th Annual Health and Wellness Fair will promote a community of wellness in Topeka and beyond. This event will feature booths representing many businesses that are almost exclusively based in Topeka that focus on the health and well-being of individuals in the community. Over 50 different vendors and businesses will be attending the event. The event is meant to focus on community members and students at Washburn who are interested in learning more about their own health and who are looking for positions in the healthcare fields offered at the fair.

In the past, the Health and Wellness Fair has attracted members of the local community who are interested in the seven areas of bodily wellness, including spiritual, physical, emotional, occupational, intellectual, environmental and social well-being. Everything from counseling services to mental health organizations will be at the fair. Students who are looking for a job on campus with one of the student health organizations or who are looking for a job to get started on their professional career are encouraged to attend.

Taniqua Ward, employee wellness coordinator, said that the fair is a great opportunity for both community members and students.

“This event is meant to showcase a lot of different businesses based pretty much in Topeka and is targeted specifically at university students and community members,” Ward said. “There will be presentations on health services and some neat events that reward attendees.”

Crystal Leming, the director of University Counseling Services, spoke about how the fair benefits the students at Washburn.

Participants may discover new options for managing their wellness as well as new places and providers that can help them maintain and enhance their wellness,” Leming said. “Washburn University Counseling Services will be sharing a table with Student Health Services at the wellness fair. We’ll be available to answer questions about our mental health, physical health and advocacy services students are eligible to use from our departments.”

The fair is also a great reminder to the students at Washburn that the faculty care about them and their well being while attending the university. Most of the services offered by the health departments at Washburn are also free to students so there is further incentive to go to the fair and learn about the various services offered by the faculty.

Be sure to check out the fair and learn about the services being offered by the health departments at Washburn.