Dear Smalls,

I was working on my computer and the guy across from me, at a different table, went to the bathroom and left his stuff behind. I saw a girl leave him a note, when he got back, he asked if I saw who left it, I said no, I didn’t know what it said, and his facial expression didn’t say much either. I feel guilty. Was I wrong?


Dear Oopsies,

Don’t feel guilty. I would’ve told him I saw someone by his stuff, because if someone stole something, I wouldn’t want to be the middle man. However, it’s not your responsibility. If she wanted him to know who she was, she could’ve left her digits.

Don’t worry about it, whatever that situation is will fall into place if it is supposed to.

Thanks for your confession.


Dear Smalls,

My family is a little short on food this month, we’re not exactly poor, but we’re on the verge of being broke. I hate to complain because at least I get one meal a day, when someone out there doesn’t get anything at all. And I hate to ask for help, but where can we get some few extra groceries this month?


Dear Shy,

Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed about not having enough food. I have been there, I have lived off of food-pantry food, it’s literally there to help us, the people who can’t get by that month, week or however long it takes you to get back on your feet. You don’t have to be poor to get help.

I recently ran into the same problem and I stopped by the Bods Feeding Bods and got some extra food. The people there are really friendly and I didn’t feel any judgement whatsoever.

They are now located in Kuehne 101, just bring your icard with you. (If they are closed, head upstairs to Kuehne 200, counseling services, they should be able to lend you a hand.)

Don’t feel bad, if life didn’t happen, there wouldn’t be pick-me-up programs like that.

Stay well,


Dear Smalls,

Why do you write for the paper? I don’t think anyone reads it.


Dear Anonymous,

At least we have you, sole reader, to read and to criticize against our non-readers.