Kaylee Stevens: Outdoor enthusiast

On the hunt: Sophomore guard Kaylee Stevens enjoys being outside. Even though she has only shot a doe, she hopes to take down bigger game.

Before playing basketball here at Washburn, sophomore guard Kaylee Stevens grew up in Owasso, Oklahoma, where she attended Rejoice Christian High School. Stevens thinks that it was a better fit for her to go there than to the other high school with the town’s name.

“It is kind of a small, medium-ish sized town we had basically everything like a Wal-Mart, it was like a normal town. There are two high schools in Owasso, Owasso High and Rejoice Christian, and I went to Rejoice Christian it was a really nice school. I transferred from Owasso to Rejoice after my sophomore year, and Owasso is much bigger than what Rejoice is,” Stevens said. 

After high school, she went to Colorado State-Pueblo to play basketball, but, for Stevens, the fit was not right.

“Honestly the fit of me being there did not work out for myself, and the coach that recruited me left. So, I did not enjoy the new coach, so here was just a better fit,” Stevens said. 

In her free time, Stevens is not a fan of staying indoors. When she has the chance, she wants to go outside and enjoy the fresh air. 

 “I like to hike and go hunting with my family. I also like to go swimming and just hang out with my family. I usually hunt deer. I have only shot a doe,” Stevens said.

The biggest accomplishment for Stevens so far in her life has been a simple one to her.

“Making it to college and playing basketball at the next level has probably been the best thing I have done so far,” Stevens said.

As for her professional life after college, Stevens is not sure yet of what she wants to do, but luckily for her she has a couple years to figure that out.

“Right now, I am undecided as a major for when I graduate. I am interested in lifting and stuff like that, so maybe a career towards that,” Stevens said.

It is no surprise that the top thing on her bucket list is outdoors.

“I want to go elk hunting in Colorado. I am a big outdoors person. I would rather be outside than inside, well besides playing basketball,” Stevens said.

Head basketball coach, Ron McHenry, agrees that Washburn is the perfect fit for Stevens.

“Kaylee is a great teammate because she is well liked on and off the court. Her energy is amazing every day and her teammates feel that. Kaylee as a person is the same thing. She enjoys communication with people. She genuinely cares about people around her and where she is seems to become a more exciting place with talk, laughter and energy when Kaylee is present,” McHenry said.