Michael Guerrero and Matthew Christman elected as new heads of WSGA

Matthew L. Self, Review Editor in Chief

The Washburn Student Government Association is proud to announce that it has a new president and vice president. Former president Zac Surritt and vice president Jim Henry are handing over their positions to Michael Guerrero and Matthew Christman. Both Guerrero and Christman have a long history of service with WSGA and are eager to begin their new positions.

Guerrero will be the new president of WSGA and is a junior who is currently studying computer information sciences with a concentration in digital forensics. He has been involved with WSGA since his freshman year as he applied to the organization while he was still in high school. During his sophomore year he was placed on the executive staff in WSGA, serving as the administrative assistant and technology director for the organization.

Christman will be the new vice president and he is a junior studying physics at Washburn. He has been involved with WSGA as a vice chairman since the fall of last year and helped Guerrero run for president. The two have worked well together in the WSGA and foresee a bright future together during their coming term.

Christman said they will be responsible as they take on their new positions.

“As we’re transitioning we’re learning more and more about what we’re actually going to be placed into and some of those duties look like hiring our executive staff, making sure that everything is running smoothly in the office and that everyone is where they need to be as well as us having meetings throughout the year with other organizations like our own,” Christman said. “We’re trying to learn how other students run their student government organizations at other universities so that we can collaborate with each other and share ideas.”

Guerrero added by saying that they are ready to listen to the students.

“We’re here to listen to student concerns but we’re also here to listen to students’ advice. If people have ideas about how we can improve the university we encourage people to come to talk with us because we’re here for the entire student body,” Guerrero said.

Christman also went on to say that he looks forward to organizing the next homecoming event at Washburn, such as the theme and other events taking place at the same time, and listening to student concerns through one-on-one connections to find out what the WSGA can do to improve the university. Guerrero added to the discussion by stressing that the concerns of the students are important to them as it is part of their duties to take those concerns and effect positive change for the university once they become aware of them.

Guerrero and Christman will take up their new positions on April 17 this year. Both of them are open to new ideas from the student body so feel free to ask them questions or contact them regarding any changes that you think are necessary for the university.