Lisa Galindo eagerly assists students DNP


Lisa Galindo is a staff member of Student Services. Galindo will help with any services needed for classes.


Lisa Galindo is a staff member of the Office of University Diversity & Inclusion. Galindo works to assist students with disabilities or academic accommodations to help them be successful in their classes. 

“I actually worked for the military for several years before coming to Washburn,” said Galindo.

Galindo has worked with veterans for over 20 years, and was in fact something she has been looking to do as a job. Washburn having an open position after she left her previous work was just a stroke of good luck, especially considering she hadn’t known what exactly she was going to do with veterans. 

“What I basically do, anyone that comes in I help them with their paperwork, assist them, make sure that they have everything that they need and help them through the process of getting their aid in whatever they need,” said Galindo.

Her job is not easy, but she enjoys it. She originally heard about the job from one of her friends, who she had told she was looking for a new job that had to do with veterans. Although she didn’t know what exactly her new job would entail, she was eager and excited to start a new job, especially one that catered to veterans who were going to school and needed assistance, which she was happy to hear about and even begin.

“I was super excited for this,” Galindo said, “although I figured it would be a little difficult for me to do this since I hadn’t done anything like this before. I figured that I would be able to do it and succeed and be happy that I can help those that truly need it.”

She felt that she was truly fortunate in finding this job so soon after leaving her previous one, but she is happy now and looks forward to the next few years of helping veterans in need as well as the other students who need help with testing or homework or other things that necessitate them going to the Career Services.

Glair Rodriguez, a freshman undecided major, appreciates the help Galindo and career services offers.

“I have had test anxiety for a while, but I never thought it was considered bad enough to warrant going to Student Services. But I also never knew if I needed to get a doctor’s note or anything. But, after finding out about Student Services and the stuff that they offer, I am going to find out more about it and hopefully get things sorted out to help me be a better student and get better grades,” said Rodriguez. 

Kelly Burns, a history major, notices Galindo’s hard work.

“I’ve seen Galindo around quite a bit, and she’s always been helping people get the help that they need for their classes. She is quite inspiring, and I think that she could do really well in anything she put her mind to,” said Burns. “She is probably one of the best people at Washburn, always willing to help and she usually has a spare minute or two for anyone with questions.”