Parking woes tend to muck up my day

Parking is always a hassle and we beat this subject to death, but days like today really get under my skin and no amount of emails explaining the situation will ease the torment of my mind as I walk from the softball field to the union in frigid temperatures whether or not there is snow on the ground. 

Why the university insists on closing half the Garvey parking lot for visitors is ridiculous considering the wonderful employee parking lot adjacent to it is always half empty. It seems to me, if not to those in charge, that a reconfiguration of that parking lot, right outside the Living Learning Center, would in fact be a great way to ease the ever-present problem of parking. It may only open twenty to thirty spaces, I’m guessing low, but every space helps and if they don’t want to reconfigure, due to cost or whatever, they could just as easily have the police cadets stand over there and allow visitors into those spaces when they come. 

But what do I know? I only pay tuition to come here, be inconvenienced and catch a cold when having to walk nearly a half mile to class.

It’s not like we’re asking for a parking garage like many other universities have. We wouldn’t want to dirty up this campus with another three story structure built for the simple purpose of allowing students to spend less time circling the parking lots.

Look, I realize we can pretty much walk anywhere on campus in about ten minutes or less. This is a small campus and things could be worse. I get it. But what if we can’t walk due to injury. You may think the handicap spaces would be helpful and they are for those who need them regularly, but a broken leg or other injury doesn’t constitute using those spots and sometimes walking ten minutes may not be feasible.