Dear Smalls,

What do you do when your own culture rejects you? I have very strong beliefs that are outside of the norm of my culture. What do I do?


Dear Consciences,

As someone who is constantly challenging my cultural norms, I think this is a great question. Personally, I think a culture is worth acceptance and continuation onto the further generation so long as we keep our personalities and accept the further generation’s personal diversity inclusive with the upcoming of the culture. 

Stay true to your opinion. If your opinion is strong enough to keep you grounded then stand with it. 


Dear Smalls,

I was considering re-joining social media. I have been on a cleanse for about four years. Which do you think is least toxic or which one do you think I should consider activating?


Dear Hashtags,

If you feel like you are ready to reconnect on social media, one of my buddies recommends VSCO to start back up. It’s a non-toxic social media platform that gives you an opportunity to post your photos and not receive any toxic feed. Every social media has a form of toxicity, however, for inexperienced photographers or aspiring models, VSCO is recommended.

Another one of my friends loves learning and conversations, and he recommends Reddit. This is a social media platform that provides a wide range of questions and answers, ranging from political debates to math questions.

Keep an open mind when reactivating a social media.


Dear Smalls,

I give up. I can’t take this semester anymore. I have written questions before contemplating dropping my College Algebra before but now there’s no hope. Should I stop going? In addition, my math professor doesn’t exactly make it easy to confide in him for help.


Dear Hopeless,

No, you should not stop going out of the blue. Don’t just stop going. I recommend talking with your advisor and consult with her/him about what your options are. Most likely your advisor will tell you to withdraw to ensure that you don’t have an F on your transcript. Also, if you are receiving financial aid or scholarships, you should absolutely stop by the Student One Stop to ensure that you don’t lose that funding. The last day to withdraw from classes is March 29. 

Goodluck and don’t worry, you’re not the only one out there who feels this way. If you were withdrawing wouldn’t be an option.