Apeiron: Ichabods speak out

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Katie Larkin

Bods Speak Out

The Washburn University Apeiron event was held this weekend, and opening events were held in Washburn University’s Rita Blitt Art Gallery. One of the opening events drew the attention of many.

Ichabods Speak Out: Poems Against Racism & For Inclusivity was the second event and Apeiron. Hannah E. Hagedorn caught the attention of many;  her poem, Reflection, was a poem about how one’s perspective can change through the eyes of a white person and how they change through learning the hardships of people of color.

“I started thinking internally in one of my classes about the poem,” Hagedorn said. “To write a poem of self-reflection towards people of color and how it affects them,” Said Hagedorn.

Dennis Etzel Jr. who is a professor at Washburn University mentored  Hannah and her poem. He was thrilled to see her being able to bring her poem to public light.

“All the poets here exceeded my expectations,” Said Etzel.

As more poets came forward with their poems, many of them referenced society as it currently stands, many of these students were also seeking change to happen in the society and urged people through their poems that change needs to occur.

All in all, many of the poets shined through their artistic works and beliefs hoping that at some point, change will come.