Fraternities hold rush-week

Editor’s Note: This article was published on Tuesday, September 16, 1958.

Five fraternities began their annual rush week Wednesday and ended it Saturday with the pledging of new members.

About 150 new students were expected to participate in a round of swims, smokers and parties planned by the organizations, according to Art Glassman, Inter-fraternity Council president. The cooperating fraternities were Alpha Delta, Kappa Sigma, Kappa Alpha Psi, Phi Delta Theta and Sigma Phi Epsilon.

According to Glassman, rushees this year were expected to number from 20 to 30 more than last year when 120 members were pledged.

Rush week kicked off with a meeting at 10 o’clock Wednesday in room 156, Morgan Hall, when interested new men heard a summary of rushing rules from Glassman and D.E. Hackett, dean of men and faculty advisor to the council.

Since only men who have been approved for admission to the university and for rushin by the council were eligible for registration, Glassman urges all new men students interested in fraternity membership to complete admission applications as soon as possible. He adds that information concerning fraternity requirements, living facilities in chapter houses, and costs has, been prepared by the council and is available now to prospective fraternity men.