ROTC shows enrollment gain; cadets to log flying time

Phil Lewis Review Feature Editor

Editor’s Note: This article was published on Tuesday, September 23, 1958.

The Air Force ROTC unit at Washburn plans to get its program further “off the ground” this fall. In the works, but as yet unofficial, is a plan through which all senior cadets will log 35 hours of flying time in private craft at Municipal Airport. Capital Air Service, a local concern, is expected to receive the contract.

Another fact which has enthused Major Burton W. Clark, commander of the unit, is that at latest count enrollment in the program this fall is running approximately twice what it did last year.

Credit for the rise in interest was given to the faculty who “really pushed the storm this year.” “If a young man really knows about ROTC, he will invariably take it,” is the opinion expressed by the major.

The basic program is substantially the same as it was last year. As a regular part of his training, each cadet is taken on a tour of a major Air Force base. Bases to be covered this year include Lowery Field in Denver and several installations in the south.

This, along with the flying lessons, give the cadets the “feel” of their professions, and offers them opportunities to test their aptitudes in various fields. The flying lessons in particular are intended as sort of a “pre-flight training school.”