Health insurance here for students

Editor’s Note: This article was publihed on Tuesday, September 16, 1958.

As an additional university health service, the Blue Cross-Blue Shield offers a special plan for Washburn University students. “Washburn has always been concerned with the health of its student,” Dr. Phillip A. Tripp, Dean of Students said. “This program will be a supplement to our existing health service, and is availably to students at substantially less cost.”

The protective plan for students is similar to the regular coverage provided other Kansans byBlue Cross-Blue Shield, but the cost is lower. All students enrolled for twelve hours are eligible for the program. Only individual students may purchase the protection; there are no family memberships. Cost of belonging is $18.50 annually, a considerable saving over regular membership and other health programs according to Tripp.

Blue Cross covers specified services provided by hospitals, and Blue Shield covers specified services provided by an doctor of medicine and/or osteopathic physician licensed to practice medicine and surgery. Benefits of the program become effective the day of enrollment in the plan.

Application bland are available at registration time. More information and a booklet explaining in more detail the coverage of the program are available in the Office of Student Personnel Services, Morgan 104.