Ichabod of the week (September 19, 1958)

Editor’s Note: This article was published on Friday, September 19, 1958.

Coach Dick Godlove was chosen as the first “Ichabod of the Week” this year. He begins his 13th year as head coach and the Ichabods will be out to prove that 13 isn’t an unlucky number after all.

Godlove began his coaching in Eureka, Kansas high school, then went to Leavenworth high, then to Ottawa U. He came first to WU in 1946 and only twice in 12 years have his teams finished in the second division.

He teaches the “split-I” with his own variations, but depends on sound fundamentals featuring a sturdy defense. He is kept busy with his coaching jobs, as well as being professor of physical education.

Godlove served as lieutenant commander in the Navy Pre-Flight program during WWII.

The coming CIC race will be rugged, but with Godlove’s fine record at WU, the Icahbods will be tough to beat.