Four students solve total Pizza Pub combinations

Gaspar Porta, Associate Professor of mathematics, coordinated with the owner of Pizza Pub to have the students in his problem solving course configure the amount of possible pizzas one may get at Pizza Pub.

Max Allen, Rahasya Bharaniah, Jacob Oberle, and Joelle Conway were the four Washburn students who solved the total number of pizza combinations at Pizza Pub.

In return for this calculation, Pizza Pub awarded the students and Porta with pizza.

The students used a method named “Stars and Bars” to calculate the total number of topping combinations. With the help of Porta and Jennifer Wagner, Professor of mathematics, the students were able to correctly find the amount of combinations.

Jason Shaw, Kevin Charlwood, Beth McNamee and Todd Cooksey, all faculty of the math department, joined Porta and the students for lunch.

Henry McClure, part-owner of Pizza Pub, enjoys giving back to the Washburn community. McClure was part of the original College Hill development team.

Pizza Pub continues to be a proud member of the Washburn community. The business contributes to Washburn and its community through donations and sponsorship.

Pizza Pub offers a discount to students, faculty and staff of Washburn. The discounts range from 10 percent at lunch, 15 percent for dinner and 20 percent for late night orders.