Off the cuff: Hobby Happy

Editor’s Note: This article was orginially published on Tuesday, April 21, 1959.

What’s you favorite hobby? no, no – we mean besides girls. A hobby may be loosely defined as something you do instead of theing you should be doing, like term papers.

Sports top the list for most men. For older men it’s fishing about three-to-one. College men prefer livelier sports like football, swimming, boating, bowling, and so forth.

Designers have discovered that an active hobby dictaes the kind of clothes worn while participating in that hobby. Football is an outstanding example of this. But now even ordinary sports clothes – jackets, knit shirts, and sports shirts – are designed with action in mind.

For those who have trouble with shirt tails waving in the breeze, Arrow has a knit shirt with a back shirt tail two inches longer. Now you can stretch all you like – for a hole-in-one, a strike, or a perfect serve – and your shirt stays put.

All sorts of fibers and fiber combinations are represented in knits this spring. Of course, you know about the all-cotton, and the popular drip-dry Dacron and cotton. Now they’ve blended cotton and Nylon, for a shirt with extra absorption…high-bulk Orlon for a real he-man look…and Acrilons for solid comfort.

And if you think a knit shirt is done only in that old familiar weave, look again. A new one is whaleskin, a surface-interest knit – and classic-crochet looks just like the real thing.

Try a new collar treatment, such as the shawl collar, button-downs, crew necks or boat necks. And do you have to stick to white? How about bright red, or gold, or blue and brown stripes?

Also for active sportsmen are the windshiled jackets. These feature a pleat at each sde of the armhole in back, to give complete freedom of movement. Done in water-repellent fabrics, in a wide variety of plaids and solids, these are popular for outdoor sports such as boating and golf.

In addition to construction details, hobbies also influence the appearance of some garments. For example, Arrow offers knit shirts with embroidered sports motifs with embroidered sports motifs on the pockets. Select your own favorite sport – golf, fishing tennis, bowling, yachting – or whatever. If you can’t make upĀ  your mind, pick one with a little Decathalon medallion. It’s good looking, and doesn’t commit you to anything.

Then there are the indorr sportsmen. These are the men who prefer quieter hobbies such as modelbuilding, collecting, carpentry, and such. For these indoor hobbyists, the new shirts feature “Heirloom” and “Collector’s” motifs. These are long-sleeved shirst done in “Sanforized”-labeled cottons. Of course, these can also be worn for the more sociable indoor sports. They have a disarmingly casual appearance.

If sticking to your books is your hobby, we’re sorry. We can’t help you there. Try an old bathrobe and some battered sneakers. But if you’re out to have some fun, dress the part and get on with it.