All students may vote in cheerleader elections

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on Tuesday, September 19, 1961.

Washburn students will have their first opportunity to vote in an all school election tomorrow night, Wednesday, September 20, at 8:00 in Whiting field house. Seven members of the 1961-62 cheerleading squad will be elected at that time.

Preliminary judging held Monday night, September 18, in Thomas gym has narrowed the field of competitors to eight girls and six boys. Four girls and three boys will be elected in tomorrow evening’s contest.

The seven cheerleaders will round out Washburn’s squad of ten members. Three cheerleaders will be automatically returning from last year.  The three are Nancy Armstrong, Jim Davidson, and Bruce Craig.

Any cheerleader elected twice in a row become a permanent cheerleader until graduation. Or anyone elected to the post while a junior automatically continues the job as a senior.

This police assures that the cheerleading squad will always be composed in part of experienced personnel , according to Same Bertsche, faculty advisor.

The preliminaries were open to all students and from those who tried out, the field was narrowed by the decision of seven judges, a representative from the physical education department, the returning cheerleaders, a representative from the public relations office, and the presidents of the two Pep Clubs.

“There can be no fair appraisal of the competitors, if there are too many in the finals,” Bertsche said. “The preliminaries are necessary to narrow the field to the best contenders” he added. 

Each of the finalists will be given the opportunity to demonstrate his cheerleading ability by leading one cheer. Then all students present will be given the chance to vote.